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How I got here.

Before graduating from the Metis Data Science Immersive boot camp in April, I worked as a freelance journalist in San Francisco for several years. I write about a variety of topics from politics to tech to culture. My work appeared in forms such as opinion, long form, and multimedia.

In the spring of 2015, I became interested in the field of data journalism. It is a blossoming field and given my quantitative skills from my economics major and advanced stats and econometrics college courses, I thought data journalism would be a great fit for me. Through my exploration of data journalism, I became acquainted with data science, which similar to data journalism is also having a moment.

When I decided to pursue data science, right away I knew it was the perfect fit for me. After several months of researching and learning about the field, I decided to pursue data science full time with the aim of completing a three-month data science boot camp.

First, I needed to learn Python, the most popular programming language used in data science. This presented a unique challenge to me because I had no prior programming experience, unless you count knowing how to use some HTML tags. I started my learning with a one day “Intro to Python” General Assembly course and was completely lost 30 minutes into the course. Despite my initial feelings of helplessness, I pushed on. And next I completed Codeacademy and DataQuest’s Python courses.

In October 2015, I applied to Galvanize’s data science boot camp but was not accepted. I pushed myself harder, and doubled my Python learning efforts. Two months later, I reapplied to Galvanize as well as Metis. I was accepted into both programs and decided to commit to Metis.

Metis’ 12-week boot camp was the most intense period of my life, but equally rewarding. Each passing class and project further validated my decision to pursue data science. Metis did an excellent job of facilitating an environment conducive to learning and exploration. I learned not only the hard skills required in data science but also the soft skills such as working in teams and getting a feel for your data.

Since graduation I’ve been working on achieving my goal of bringing data science to journalism and journalism to data science.

To check out my work please visit the "Work" page on my site and my Github and Linkedin pages as well. If you'd like to hire, collaborate, or work with me in any capacity please reach out to via my "Contact" page.



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